About Us

Our Story

When deciding on a name for his new financial services firm, Josh Bach wanted to choose something that signified the concepts of community, history and strength. This led him to think about the Red River of the North, a fixture in the area. The river symbolizes growth, development and enrichment: all qualities that Red River Financial Group strives to achieve.

As an established practice in the Fargo-Moorhead area, Red River Financial Group LLC is committed to growth. “I want to create a culture that enriches the lives of our clients,” says Josh, “while attracting and retaining exceptional financial professionals to meet our clients’ needs.” Red River is committed to doing what is right for their clients and future generations. They take the time needed to listen to your dreams and wishes for yourself and your family. No matter what your financial needs are, Red River Financial Group, LLC has the professionals with the knowledge and experience to work with you to build a strategy to help you achieve your goals and collaborate your legacies.

We seek to grow alongside you.

Core Values


Proactivity, embracing high expectations, tenacity, sense of urgency


Integrity, reliability, follow through, accountability


Embracing change, growing, pushing your limits, be innovative


Communication, positive attitude, support, fun